21 September 2022

Following recent discussions and feedback received from a number of operators, we are delighted to announce that a new feature allowing operators to send push notifications direct to passengers' handsets has been added to the NextStop Mobility Platform.

Through the platform dashboard you can now create and send dedicated push notifications to all your registered app users - by route, region or to the entire customer base - alerting them to important and time-sensitive information such as timetable changes, operational delays and disruptions, real-time service updates and more. You can even use the push notification service to contact an individual passenger with a personalised message sent directly to their device.

What is a push notification?

Push notifications help businesses deliver timely and relevant content to customers' mobile phones. A push notification is a short text message that pops up on a user’s mobile device. Customers do not need to be actively using the passenger app to receive a message via push notification as the message will appear onscreen even when the app is backgrounded.

Why use push notifications?

Push notifications are an ideal way for operators to speak directly to customers. They don’t get caught in spam filters or lost in an inbox, and you don’t have to rely on passengers reading social media posts or web articles in order to ensure they know about latest service updates. Push notifications are FREE to send and receive, removing the need for expensive SMS services, and also act to remind users that they have your company app installed. 

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