28 October 2022

Already used by many of the country's leading coach and bus operators, NextStop - which removes the need for expensive ETMs - allows drivers to instantly track live services with the vehicle's location data published direct to BODS in real-time.

NextStop for BODS vehicle tracking is quick and easy to use, and pricing is scalable depending on fleet size and service levels. The NextStop App is freely available from the Play store. Here's how it works:

Route Planning and Creation

Using our supporting Bushub software, we will work with you to create and publish all of your in scope service information to the NextStop App. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to build routes, add stops/timing points, create journey patterns and timetables all from your desktop at the touch of a button. 

NextStop Driver App

When logged into the NextStop Driver App (users are given a secure 6-digit pin), drivers are prompted to select the vehicle, route and departure time for the service they are running. Once completed they simply hit the 'start trip' button to begin tracking the service and vehicle.

Live Vehicle Location Data

The vehicle's live location data is collected by the NextStop app and automatically pushed directly to BODS without any further involvement or action from the driver or operator. You can read more on how this works here.

Published to BODS

Your vehicle location is now safely with DfT and in the public domain, allowing passengers to plan their journeys with confidence and spend less time waiting at stops for services.

Start your journey today

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