Mobile Tickets

Through its account-based model, the mobility platform allows riders to pre-pay for a tickets which significantly reduces the time it takes for passengers to board and in turn helps improve schedule adherence for operators.

Mobile tickets are super secure with dynamic QR Codes, and pass-back validation features which help to prevent mis-use and fraud.

Ticketing products are available for day, week, month, term and annual tickets as well as a range of multi-trip and group traveller tickets.

Safe and secure
Location aware
Always Online
Multiple payment options
Rapid Deployment
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Promotions & special offers

Contactless Tickets

Provide a robust and reliable contactless payment solution for a wide range of ticketing products to reduce cash handling, speed-up boarding times and increase convenience for passengers.

Accept a wide range of card schemes including mobile payments on Android Pay & Apple Pay.

The Portal is equipped with an integrated reporting service which allows end clients to have access to specific data and analytics as required by the contract.

Apple Pay & Android Pay
Wide range of ticketing
Rapid Deployment
Location aware
Plug & Play
bluetooth Ready

Smart Cards

Smart cards are a useful alternative to paper tickets, offering a quicker and more convenient way to buy and renew. Top ups can be made online, on mobile and at ticket machines or at booking offices.

Smartcards are durable, much more so than paper tickets and If they get lost or damaged, it's easy to dispatch a replacement to card holders. Users can load weekly, monthly, termly and annual tickets.

Fare capping
Durable card system
Top-up online/on mobile
Annual & termly tickets
School/College/University compatible
Compatible with Card Scanners

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