26 October 2022

As a leading provider of digital services and technical solutions to the bus and coach industry, Rise has recently entered the school transport market with its NextStop mobility platform.

Working with some of the country's best known coach operators, NextStop has been further enhanced to provide a complete digital solution for student account registrations, e-ticketing, vehicle tracking, child safeguarding (push notifications) and the overall management of school transport services.

Introducing NextStop

Here we take a closer look at some of the key feature of NextStop for school transport services. For further information go to nextstopapp.co.uk

Passenger App

The NextStop passenger app, which incorporates your company's branding, colour schemes and styles, allows users to quickly and easily purchase travel tickets and passes, book & plan trips, track vehicles in real-time and subscribe to live service updates.

Driver App

As well as tracking vehicles, the Driver App notifies drivers of any changes to services, diversions and expected delays due to congestion, additional and on-demand pick-ups, and their schedule for the day.

Parent/Guardian App (safeguarding)

Parents and guardians of younger travellers are also able to register and access live vehicle tracking, service updates and timetable information through the app. They can also subscribe to receive push notifications, which means they are notified (to their mobile phone) when their child boards and/or disembarks a service.

Payment Services

The NextStop payment platform provides a complete suite of tools allowing you to manage the entire e-commerce process. This includes the creation of m-tickets (paper tickets if required) and bus passes, taking payments online, managing customer accounts, monitoring passenger movements and ticket sales.

Route Planning and Creation

Our supporting Bushub software brings state-of-the-art route and service building tools direct to your desktop. This easy to use system allows you to build routes, add stops/timing points, create journey patterns, define operating dates and publish services all at the touch of a button.

Student Account Registrations

Eligible student travellers can apply for bus passes either online or via the mobile app, and with options to pay by monthly Direct Debit or in a single card payment card, the process is simple and hassle free.

Start your journey today

The NextStop® mobility platform provides a range of industry solutions to transport providers, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organisation.

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