Real-time Passenger Information

Get a birds eye view on your entire fleet including sub-contracted vehicles. Real-time departure data is distributed to the app platforms based on precise vehicle locations and traffic conditions.

The vehicle tracking service is ideal for businesses who need to communicate location data precisely and frequently to transport users, clients and operations teams. The service is built to scale and can support thousands of vehicles across hundreds of operators.


Create service data for the most complicated journey patterns

Create detailed journey patterns for bus, coach, mini-bus and taxi services across a wide range of contracts using waypoints that factor in predictive and real-time traffic conditions. With optimized routes and the ability to locate and visualize vehicles in real time, you can keep your trips efficient and maximise fleet utilization.


Precise tracking for your clients and their transport users

You can enable vehicle tracking for your fleet within a few meters which means your transport users know the precise location of their next ride or pick-up through the app. And there's no need to add GPS or specialized hardware to your vehicles - just turn on the NextStop® Driver App.


Publish Vehicle Movement (VM) data to BODS

The NextStop® Driver App is a fully integrated BODS compliant service which allows you to publish VM location data via the Driver App to the DfT's BODS platform, enabling your data to become accessible to a wide range of partners and 3rd party integrators.

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