Internet Of things

State-of-the-art 4G M2M technology to maintain in-service data



In transit, NextStop communicates with our Web API controller server every 15 seconds


Big Data

NextStop® uses Big Data from a range of open sources at the heart of it's content platform


Revenue Sharing

NextStop® makes revenue sharing a reality to help operators to offset running costs


Internet of things

State-of-art 4G connectivity

We use state-of-the-art M2M technology to provide an autonomous technology experience. Route data and other service information is aggregated from a range of Open Data sources which the NextStop® AV system is able to utilise alongside real-time information from other vehicle systems.

When in service, our software communicates with the buses real-time system (via SIRI subscription) to update journey information throughout the day.



Maximum visibility on the health of your fleet

The NextStop® Web API maintains location and service data for each in-service vehicle across the fleet.

The service is configured to a notification system which provides both email and SMS alerts to duty managers and operations staff to ensure vehicles are running to schedule.

Big data

NextStop can help to optimise and refine your business model using Big Data

NextStop® gives you a rich dataset and the management tools to optimise your business.

Create advertising campaigns for each route and update them daily if desired, display connecting services and draw on real-time vehicle information to both guarantee an improved experience for passengers and regulate your running services.

Launch promotions and operator notices to make the most of dwell time during travel and display connecting services to make integrated transport a reality for your customers.


Revenue sharing

Get best value from your passenger WiFi solution

As more and more passengers expect to have access to free Wi-Fi to pass the time on their journey, the rising cost to operators is significant.

We work with operators to help reduce and offset these costs by providing onboard content, allowing them to access a valuable and untapped source of revenue.


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