Fully integrated passenger information


Audio Visual Screens

Our digital displays provide visual and audio alerts in one easily installed and configured package.


Passenger App

The NextStop® Mobile App gives passengers peace of mind, using GPS to alert them of their stop.


Passenger WiFi

NextStop® Passenger WiFi makes journey planning, bus tracking, and getting off at the next stop a doddle.

NextStop N

Next generation audio visual passenger information


Audio & visual display screens

NextStop® digital displays provide visual & audio announcements

We do this through an integrated AV screen and media controller. Easily installed in almost any configuration, our technology is tried and tested by some of the biggest operators in the UK, helping to improve public transport accessibility.

Talking Buses

A Mobile App for accessible passenger information

Helping passengers to navigate your services

Using advanced GPS technology NextStop® Passenger App provides synchronised audio and visual notifications, ensuring fully accessible information for all passengers groups enabling them to navigate your services with ease.


WiFi Portal

A full suite of services for passenger WiFi

Give your passengers free WiFi and easy access to journey planning, bus tracking, local deals and promotions.  NextStop® Passenger WiFi offers features such as location-based advertising, entertainment and analytics so that operators can maximise their offering and open new revenue streams.

Diamond Wifi

Internet of Things (IoT)

Autonomous communications

We use state-of-the-art M2M technology to provide an autonomous technology experience. Route data and other service information is aggregated from a range of Open Data sources which the NextStop® AV systems is able to utilise alongside real-time information from other vehicle systems.


Integrate real-time information for bus, rail and flight departures

For a truly connected travel experience

NextStop® makes integrated transport a reality for your passengers by highlighting connecting bus, rail and flight departures at connecting service points. When a vehicle approaches a connecting bus stop, departure boards and connecting service information for all modes of pubic transport are appropriately displayed. 

Connecting Departures

How it works

Our state-of-the-art system uses 4G internet connectivity to provide an excellent service

Route data and other service information is loaded to the system dynamically via the internet when installed and the system checks for updates daily thereafter.

When in service, the app communicates with the buses real-time system (via SIRI subscription) to update journey information throughout the day. When the next stop is approaching, a notification message is broadcast on screen to confirm the vehicle will shortly be arriving at the next stop.

Using a text-to-speech system means there’s no need for any pre-recorded messages.


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